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Greg Rutherford World and Olympic Champion Long jumper is friends with our Sprint Coach David Maris. I asked David for a quote that sums up what he has learnt from him. ‘Through speaking with, training with and helping Greg, I have learnt the value of listening to your body, there is no-one better at it. I have also learned the importance of an individualized approach to training, as an orthodox program would not work for Greg!’ David coaches Sprints Tues & Thurs 6pm and Sat 8.30am and also does individual coaching 1-2-1.
Our Sprint Coach met has met Bolt on a few occasions. I asked David to sum up what he has learnt from the 100m & 200m World Record Holder.‘In my brief conversations with Usain, the one thing the stuck in my mind was the importance he placed upon foot placement on the starting blocks. Setting up your sprint race correctly is such an important component, and without doing so correctly, you minimize the chance of accelerating optimally which also has a knock on effect on the latter stages of the race.’
See the Article from Sport 360 (page 30) Thurs 21st May 2015
Martyn Bernard spent a week with Ultimate Athletics, offering workshops in High Jump and Sprinting. His P.B in High Jump is an impressive 2.30m and he is hoping to qualify for Rio 2016.