About Our Coaches

Ultimate Athletics coaches are all high level athletes themselves and like to practise what they preach! A fun and vibrant bunch with expertise in various disciplines, from all over the Globe.

Ultimate Athletics prides itself on having professional coaches who still compete today! They understand what it takes to be an Ultimate Athlete and live and breathe the sport they love. Giving back to the next generation of rising stars is what drives us. Read their profile slides below.

Coaches are available for private sessions to all our members upon request.

We are very fortunate to have sponsorship from New Balance We thank them for our stylish performance wear and event support. All Ultimate Members receive a 25% in their Flagship store in NB Dubai Hills, Dubai Mall, Yas Mall and Abu Dhabi Mall by presenting their membership card at the counter! Parents can join the New Balance Run Club which is free and means you can learn about running mechanics and engage with your athlete and keep fit!

Special Thanks also to Up and Running who provide us with Medical Assistance at our Dubai Racenights. All Ultimate Members receive a 15% discount on their medical services by presenting their membership card at the Clinic.

Ultimate Athletics has Partnered with FirstPoint USA to assist our talented athletes gain Schlorships to US Universities.

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Peter Blyckert

I have been training and competing with Ultimate Athletics for a little more than 3 years. The coaches and training are so good and they are so helpful and supportive. The club have supported and developed me so I have had the opportunity to compete for the club in World youth games in Gothenburg together with my friends. It’s an amazing experience to meet and compete with over 3000 athletes from all over the world. Because of my the training and support from my fantastic coaches I took Silver in 60m and gold in 200m last year and this year I took gold in 300m. It is so fun to be part of the Ultimate athletics family and it’s the best thing to do.

(14) Elite Sprints

Juliet Pryce-Lyall

It has been an incredible 5 year journey with Ultimate Athletics. I cannot thank Lisa and Khaild enough for the opportunities they have given me. Especially this year where I have had the opportunity to represent the Abu Dhabi Athletics Federation and travel to Sweden for the World Youth Games. I will never forget these amazing experiences I am so grateful.

However most of all I love the process of training at Ultimate Athletics in the training sessions Khalid & Mat push me through motivate me so much. My coaches and team-mates have shown me endless support throughout my time at the club. Khalid, Mat and my training group have inspired me to push myself beyond my limits and to strive for excellence, allowing me to get personal bests. Whether it be at numerous race nights the club club organizes or other events.
I am grateful for the friendships I have made through ultimate athletics and the support we give each other. We all have different strengths and weaknesses, but we work together to achieve our goals.

I am excited and motivated to continue my athletics journey with such an amazing club. It is a very special feeling to be part of such a supportive and encouraging community. I am looking forward to seeing what other experiences lie ahead with Ultimate Athletics.

(14) Elite Middle Distance

Kuvar Peter

For a little over 7 years, I have dedicated myself to training and participating in Ultimate Athletics. The quality of coaching and support provided by the team has been exceptional. The club has not only nurtured my skills but also provided me with invaluable opportunities. One such highlight was representing the club and competing in the World Youth Games held in Gothenburg alongside my friends. The experience was nothing short of extraordinary, as I had the privilege to interact and compete with over 2000 athletes from across the globe.

Thanks to the exceptional training and unwavering support from my coaches, I achieved remarkable results in various events. Last year, I proudly secured a 4th place in the 300m race and a silver medal in the 800m race. Building on that success, this year I was able to break my pb and continue to strive for a faster time. Being a part of the Ultimate Athletics family has been immensely enjoyable.

15, Elite Middle Distance

Mario Gradnitzer

I have been competing with ultimate for over 2 years now and it is crazy the amount of progress I have seen. Before joining ultimate I never thought I would achieve great in track and field events but now I represent my national team and won double gold European championship with ultimate of which I attended with the wonderful Lisa and Khalid supporting me not only as coaches but as family. Ever since joining ultimate my entire life has taken a massive turn for the better with growing a love for the sport day by day alongside the coaches and fellow athletes.

In the past year of hard work with the top level coaches by my side I have jumped from running 100m in 11.6 seconds to 10.86 seconds. There is still a long way to go in my career and I couldn’t imagine not being apart of the Ultimate team forget team the family.

16, Elite Sprints

Jasmine Pitman

Ultimate Athletics was one of the first clubs I joined when moving to the Middle East and I am still training with them eight years later! The club has grown to become family and I have made lifelong friendships throughout the years. I remember my first session eight years ago; the level of performance and determination shown by all was inspiring and fostered my love for the sport! From being a complete beginner all those years ago to competing nationally across the UAE, to then competing internationally at the Gothenburg Youth Games, Sweden, I can’t thank the club enough for the support and opportunities! Aside from my personal running journey, I have also developed as a coach by helping lead the youth sessions once a week. Watching the young athletes develop has been a wonderful experience and taught me a lot about leadership. Running is now such a huge part of my life and I can’t thank Lisa, my coaches and the club enough!

17, Elite Middle Distance

Liam Peter

I have been part of the Ultimate Athletics Community for a bit over 5 years, where Ultimate Athletics have helped find my passion for throwing events. Being part of Ultimate Athletics is great because of the high level coaches and coaching techniques and the other high level athletes beside me.
Ultimate Athletics has helped me grow to be the best U14 Shot Putter in the UAE. With the help of Ultimate Race nights it has provided me with competition experience which helps me grow. Another opportunity Ultimate Athletics provide is the Gothenburg Youth Athletics Games in Sweden which helped me gain international experience and motivation for the future.

13, Thrower

Aarav & Arnav Naik

Ultimate Athletics is a fantastic club that offers a wide range of athletic activities and training programs. It’s a place where athletes of all levels can improve their skills, compete, and have a great time. The coaches and staff are knowledgeable and supportive, creating a positive and motivating environment. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, Ultimate Athletics is a fantastic choice for pursuing your athletic goals.

10 & 12, Multi-events

Andy Clements

“The Ultimate 60m with New Balance is a great opportunity for athletes over 30 to challenge themselves and others from various sporting backgrounds, in a friendly but competitive all out sprint race. As a masters International 400m hurdler, although such a short sprint is out of my comfort zone, I enjoy the buzz and love meeting like minded runners. The past couple of years I’ve used the race nights as an opportunity to sharpen up, before successfully medalling at World and European championships.”

Head of PE and GB Masters 400m hurdler

Ismail Senyange

“There are a couple of reasons why I always take part in the racenight; first to inspire the young’s who wish to take running as a profession; secondly to improve my personal best especially in the 3k; third to check on the progress of my training.
With the benefits, I get to see my weakness during the race and also get to know where I loose time from when I start to tire out.
The atmosphere is quite good because you get to meet a lot of people, the cheering is good as well. The fact that there are a couple of races going on you get the see how other people are running.
I always want during my first race of the season to get my personal best time or meet record before I start tiring out with many races, so I will be heading for a personal best God willing.”

Sketchers Brand Ambassador

Kimbely Baptiste

“Ultimate Athletics racenights are a great source of competition and offers people of all ages and ability the platform to compete and test themselves. Being a National level athlete these racenights allow me to monitor how well my training is going and I am able to compete in competitive races whilst in the UAE. Quality competitions, that is well organized, that offers a great atmosphere and competitive events is hard to come by in the UAE and Lisa is doing a fantastic job of providing all 3 and more.”

26, Crawley AC/Ultimate Athletics

Megan Dingle

“Racenight is the perfect opportunity to put all the training together and into practice. It gives athletes along with their coaches a regular goal to work towards and the aim is to improve as well as maybe show areas that need improvement for next time. I look forward to getting to race against others that I don’t necessarily train with – it’s good to get together with like minded peers on a night like Racenight where we are all there to race the best we can and support each other.”

Athlete,16, Ultimate Athletics