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Join us for another fantastic series of Ultimate Racenight Track & Field Open Competitions! These meets are powered by IAAF approved Lynx Electronic Timing. Supported by the Dubai Sports Council, Abu Dhabi Sports Council, New Balance, Up and Running, Monviso and Kibsons. A Great Atmosphere, medals and prizes ensure these events are a highlight of our season for sure! Our best athletes are selected for the UAE club meets, International Meets such as the World Youth Games and many have been awarded scholarships to Universities in US, UK and Europe. Registration links will be open here (click on the Flyers) 1 month before each Racenight. Next Event is Jan 20th Junior Racenight featuring the Linford Christie Invitational Sprint Expo.

If you are a regular road runner you might want to join The Running League where all your races accumulate points and there are end of Season League winners.

Members can download the Ultimate Athletics Race calendar below which includes community road-races.

Ultimate Athletics Race Calendar 2022-2023  

Download the UAE Track & Field Competitions Calendar below .

Track & Field Calendar 2022-2023


Juniors 2022 Juniors 2023
Oct 7th 2022 Nov 20th Tots 2022 Jan 20th 2023 March 3rd 2023 March 12th Tots 2023 May 5th 2023
Seniors 2022 Seniors 2023
Nov 4th 2022 Dec 9th 2022 Feb 3rd 2023 March 17th 2023 May 19th 2023
Ultimate Relays 2022 Ultimate Relays 2023
Dec 9th 2022 May 19th 2023
Abu Dhabi Champs 2022 Abu Dhabi Champs 2023
Oct 30th 2022 Nov 27th 2022 March 19th 2023 May 28th 2023


Join us for Winter Camp Dec 12th-16th at AB Fitness indoor track and gym. Athletes will cover speed and endurance, strength & conditioning, mobility and resistance training plus pool recovery sessions. 9.30am - 2pm 200aed per day, 5th day free.

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